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MD Properties are pleased to announce for the period 1st January 2019 to 21st October 2019 we are 1st out of 48 offices for the number of properties let. In fact 159 were let by MD during this period to make us the TOP agent in this area. Great credit must go to our team […]

Buying At Auction

Buying At Auction

There is no definitive answer but its certainly not for the faint hearted. In a funny way it reminds me of car auctions, you maybe lucky and get a bargain but equally you could finish up with a right old wreck and you’re forever spending money on it. On a personnel level I have been to a […]

Top of Right Move

Once again MD Properties which has continually been the case since 2011 are top of the right move league table for new instructions. Period 25th May to 21st June we were 1st out of 25 agents with 16 new property instructions.