Welcome to our tenants zone

If you are looking for a property its an easy process to let through MD Properties. You can register your details on line, email, telephone our office or simply pop in. Being situated in the town centre makes it easy.

If you find a property that you like you can request a viewing online or by telephone. Our friendly staff will follow that up and confirm the necessary arrangements. Viewings are not just limited to office hours we appreciate the needs of our tenants to be flexible. All viewings are with a member of our staff.

Once you have found a property to rent and in principle the let is agreed, references will be taken which in general will cover credit search, employment personal and if applicable previous landlord reference. There is a fee payable for this service which will also RESERVE the property. How much depends on the number of applicants and for example if a guarantor is required (fees applicable). Should you fail the reference procedure or change your mind we are unable to return fees, unless for some reason the property becomes unavailable. If this is the case fees will be refunded in full.

Once references have been approved a tenancy start date will be agreed and contracts drawn up with the deposit paid. Should a pet be involved an extra deposit will need to be paid. We can advise of the deposit payable on any particular property prior to viewing. On moving in 1 months rent will be required in CLEARED funds before we can release the keys.

Application fees

Application fee for first applicant £170 (including VAT)
Application fee for each additional applicant(s) £65

Administration fees

Breach of lease letter £15 (including VAT)
Returned cheques £15
Check out fee £45

A deposit is charged on each property

To discuss any aspect of renting a property through MD Properties don’t hesitate to contact us on 01785 224408/244635 or email info@mdproperties.co.uk

To follow are some frequently asked questions with answers.

How long is my contract?

Most agreements are for 6 months with an option to renew or go on a month by month basis known as a periodic tenancy.

What happens to my deposit?

It is registered under an insurance backed scheme. You will get a deposit certificate and it is dealt with at the end of the tenancy subject to our check out procedure. Your deposit is protected by the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme. Full details will be provided with your certificate.

As I am a full time student does this make a difference?

In most cases yes as you may be required to provide a guarantor. You would not also normally pay council tax on a property.

My income is low and I work part time?

We are happy to consider an application and in some cases landlords will consider tenants not working. You may also qualify for the Stafford Borough Council deposit scheme. Normally though in either case a guarantor would be required. Please contact us for further information.

What am I responsible for?

To look after the property and pay the rent on time. You would in most cases be responsible for the utility bills and minor jobs such as changing light bulbs.

Do I need to provide proof of identity?

Yes. This can be for example a driving licence or passport and a copy will be taken by ourselves when an application is made.

What if there is a problem with my central heating or other maintenance issue?

You should report any problems as soon as possible so we can deal with them. Delaying can sometimes make the problem worse.

What is my landlord responsible for?

To ensure the gas and electrical items and supply are safe also to provide you with heating and a hot water supply. Also to maintain the structure of the building walls, drainpipes, guttering, roof and windows. Please report any problems so these can be dealt with. Your landlord is not responsible for any damage caused by you.

Can my agent or landlord enter the premises?

No. Normally a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for example an inspection visit or to carry out repairs etc, unless an emergency situation has arisen.

Will I be allowed to decorate?

Not without permission. Most landlords are reasonable and provided colour schemes etc are acceptable and a good professional job is done in most cases permission will be granted. You must get approval from ourselves or the landlord before any work can commence.